Creekview Howl – TRUNK OR TREAT

Hello Creekview parents and staff

We are having the Creekview Howl on October 14th to celebrate the end of our Paws for a Cause fundraising campaign. During this event we will be having a trunk or treat.

A trunk or treat is when cars and/or trucks decorate their trunk and pass out candy to the kids walking by. You can decorate your trunk however you want but please keep in mind there will be lots of little kids. Get a friend and do it together. Be creative!

Here’s what we need:

We need 20 cars/trucks.

We need you to arrive by 5pm to park in the back parking lot but the trunk or treat won’t start until 7:45 pm.

You will be assigned a number and parking spot.

We need you to supply the candy to hand out for your trunk. We will be having a candy donation to help supplement you.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the sign up genuis button to sign up.

We are excited to see the creativity!


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