2017-2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

May 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

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April 2018 Meeting Minutes [embeddoc url=”http://creekviewpto.digitalpto.com/files/2018/05/April-2018-PTO-Meeting-Minutes.pdf”]

March Monthly Meeting Minutes 2018[embeddoc url=”http://creekviewpto.digitalpto.com/files/2017/08/February-Monthly-PTO-Meeting.pdf”]September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Creekview Elementary PTO
PTO General Meeting Prior to Kinder-2nd Orientation Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 6:20 p.m.

Introduction: Principal Aston

Meeting Called to order: Joy Ryan
• Motion to approve proposed changes to amendments of bylaws

Motion passed

Budget Update: Ashley Babitt
• Due to Hurricane Harvey we will not have a Creekview Howl and Paws for a Cause

• Motion to adopt budget: Joy Ryan

Motion passed

New Information: Joy Ryan

  • PTO Informational Meet and Greet, Friday, September 29, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. Location: extraband room.
  • More information about the PTO is located on the PTO Facebook page and PTO website.
  • Room parent sign ups are located in the homeroom teacher’s classes1. Primary responsibilities of room parent:
    – Relay information from the PTO to the teachers and parents – Organize class parties
    – Work with grade level room parents on silent auction baskets2. Names will be placed in a drawing and winner will be notified by email.
  • All families are invited to sign up on My School Anywhere. More information will come homewith students in Wednesday folders. Adjournment: Joy RyanMeeting adjourned: 6:24 p.m.
    Minutes compiled by: Emily Mize
    Minutes typed by: Emily Mize, PTO Secretary

October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Creekview Elementary PTO

October 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Friday, October 13, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

CES Cafeteria

Meeting called to order: Joy Ryan

Principal’s Comments:  Mrs. Lee thanked the PTO members for their continued support of the teachers and staff.

  • Bond Presentation:  Valerie Petrzelka made a presentation related to the upcoming bond election for Tomball ISD.  Please see the website for the presentation slides at www.tomballisd.net/bond2017/

Minutes: Minutes read and approved from last meeting:  N/A

Officer’s Reports:

President: Joy Ryan

  • Creekview PTO is working with Timbercreek Elementary PTO for the Monster Howl.
  • There is a big need for more volunteers for the haunted pirate ship.
  • Joy also thanked Robby Pollard of Village Park Church for providing breakfast tacos for today’s meeting.

Vice President:  Missy Meeker

  • The monthly newsletter is in process for October.

Treasurer:  Ashley Babitt

  • Summary of the September budget.
  • As of 10/11 there was $2473 in Monster Howl pre-sale wristbands.  The total pre-sale wristband sales will go directly to the Creekview PTO.  Wristband sales on the day of the event will be split with the Timbercreek PTO.

Committee Reports:

Spirit Night:  Kari Roy

  • The recent Spirit Night at U-Swirl made $112, and she was still waiting on a total from Crust Pizza.
  • The next Spirit Night will be at Fuddruckers in November, date TBA.

Spirit Wear:  Stephanie Kerim

  • All spirit wear shirts are in. Sorting and distribution of the shirts will happen in the next 1-2 weeks.

Donations and Sponsorships:  Annette Fischer and Brenda Franco

  • Several sponsorships have come in from local businesses and they are working with several others at this time.
  • Creekside Forest Elementary sent Creekview a $1000 donation.
  • Timbercreek Elementary is taking on the cost of the Monster Howl, hosting it at their school, and splitting the proceeds of wristbands sold at the door with Creekview.

Membership/My School Anywhere:  Joy Ryan

  • We are limited in providing incentives to the students and the teachers for signing up.  It was suggested that the room parents provide more information through their introductory letters to the classes, and the teachers have sent reminders through their Edlio updates.
  • At this time approximately half of the families are signed up.
  • My School Anywhere will be the main source of volunteer opportunities and information provided by the PTO.

Room Mom Coordinator:  Joy Ryan reported on behalf of Jenny Brown that room parents were chosen this week.

Creekview Cares:  Cindy Kettler

  • Hurricane Harvey redirected the focus of Creekview Cares to the families at our school that flooded as a result. The goal is to provide long term assistance to our school families if needed.
  • A gift card  drive was conducted with close to $10,000 in cash and gift cards for families affected. Cash and checks were applied to school lunch accounts of students whose parents reported the need for lunch assistance.
  • A Christmas time present drive for these families has been proposed.
  • Other Creekview Cares projects include Pennies for Patients in March, and Creekview Kicks Out Hunger food drive and kickball game.
  • It was also suggested that a popsicle party be put together at school for all the kids whose homes flooded so that they are aware they are not alone in having had their home flooded.

Fall Fundraiser/Monster Howl:  Joy Ryan reported as above.

Hospitality:  Cierra Buchwald

  • A snack bar for the teachers was done today.
  • A Sign Up Genius will be sent our for the Thanksgiving Lunch for the teachers and staff in November.
  • HEB donated Turkeys and Ham for the lunch.

Volunteer Coordinator:  N/A

Communications:  Joy Reported that we have two people working on communications for the PTO website and Facebook.

Unfinished Business:  N/A

New Business:  A concern was brought up about the safety of the intersection of Creekside Forest Dr. and Wendtwoods as one parent notes that there have been multiple dangerous incidents involving children trying to cross the street to get to school.  It was explained that the PTO cannot help and that citizens need to contact the county authorities to monitor the area to come up with a safe solution.

Questions:  N/A

Adjournment:  Joy Ryan adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting is: November 10, 2017

Meeting adjourned:

Minutes compiled by: Cindy Kettler

Minutes typed by: Emily Mize, PTO Secretary

November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Creekview Elementary PTO
November 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes Friday, November 10, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CES PTO Room

Meeting called to order: Joy Ryan
Principal’s Commets: Greeting and introduction by Principle Glenewinkel Minutes: Minutes will be read and approved in next meeting
Officer’s Reports:

President: Joy Ryan

• The numbers from the Monster Howl are being finalized and will be posted in the monthly newsletter.

Vice President: Missy Meeker
• The monthly newsletter is expected to go out next week.

Treasurer: Ashley Babitt
• October budget discussed. The majority of income was from September. We are waiting on

checks from TCES and additional sponsorship. • $6,800 in presale from the Monster Howl

Committee Reports:

Spirit Night: Kari Roy
• Fudruckers brought in approximately $400
• Whataburger Spirit Night date TBA
• Kendra Scott Spirit Night Friday, January 26, 2018
• Spring Creek Spirit Night Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spirit Wear: Stephanie Kerim
• 900 shirts have been sold
• 40 shirts remain in inventory along with 26 from the previous year. These are available for


Donations and Sponsorships: Annette Fischer
• Working on obtaining sponsorships. No new updates at this time.

Membership/My School Anywhere: Joy Ryan
• Room parents have been instructed to help with getting families signed up with My School

• Cindy Kettler and Paola Locht are working on getting the Google calendar working.

Room Mom Coordinator: Jenny Brown
• One of the goals for room parents is to help with My School Anywhere sign up.
• Privacy issues have been tested.
• Emails can be sent to the class through My School Anywhere.
• You can view how many families from each class are signed up on My School Anywhere. • Communication to come with guidelines for class parties.

Creekview Cares: Joy Ryan

• Cindy Kettler has met with Mrs. Robinett to work on a Christmas present drive. More information to come.

Hospitality: Cierra Buchwald
• There will be a Thanksgiving Feast for staff Thursday, November 16, 2017. Sign up to help is

posted on Facebook. Paola Locht will post to My School Anywhere. • Hot Cocoa Bar for staff will be in December

Volunteer Coordinator: Joy Ryan
• Sign ups to volunteer are on My School Anywhere

Communications: N/A Unfinished Business: N/A

New Business:

1. Christina Sherstad: Spring Fundraiser will be Friday, April 27, 2018
• Spring Fundraiser brainstorming meeting will be Tuesday, November 14, 2017 in the

PTO room at 9:00 a.m.
• A letter will go out in the next Wednesday Folder.

2. Joy Ryan: Vote to plant trees or use funds elsewhere
• $64,000 given to school last year for track and trees. Trees have not been purchased

yet. Stephanie Van Lue is tracking the information on trees. PTO wants parent

involvement in the decision.
• Principle Glenewinkel expresses her goal of making sure students have the best

learning environment possible.
• Parent advisory committee member expresses concern that not all children at the

school are able to use some of the things that are purchased with the money raised.

*Motion to hold the money until further discussion with Principle Glenewinkel • Motion Passed

3. Joy Ryan: Vote on giving money to Harvey Heroes Luncheon
• There is a Harvey Heroes Luncheon with Creekside Park Village Association. TCES and

CFES PTOs have donated $100 to the luncheon.

*Motion to donate $100 to Harvey Heroes Luncheon • Motion Passed


  • Questions about how funds will be spent can be addressed through PTO meetings with thePrinciple.
  • Parent requested shade structures and different equipment for playground.
  • Parents are not pleased with the track. District standard track was built and the cost wasmuch less than expected.
  • Addressed the need to talk with administration about long term plan for growth and possibleneed to set aside reserve for the long term plan.
  • The Fire Marshall has been in the school and has viewed the PTO storage closet that housesall of the wooden pieces and decor items. The report is expected to show it needs to be removed. CES PTO is talking with other PTO’s in the district that have experienced this. Maintenance has said the best storage material over time is a plastic shed. A 16×20 shed

placed behind the cafeteria inside the gate would cost on average $3,500-$5,000. It is

something that will need to be discussed further and planned for.

  • Parents express concern that the school track was left up to the district and notcommunicated with parents. Principle Glenewinkel asks for proposals to be sent to her ofwhat can be done to improve the track. She will communicate those to Mr. Quinn.
  • Parents expressed concern about future use of money. Principle Glenewinkel agrees anddiscussed need for better communication. Adjournment: Joy Ryan adjourned the meetingNext Meeting is: Friday, December 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. Meeting Adjourned: 10:54 a.m.
    Minutes compiled by: Emily Mize
    Minutes typed by: Emily Mize, PTO Secretary

December 2017 Meeting Minutes

Creekview Elementary PTO
December 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes Friday, December 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. CES PTO Room

Meeting called to order: Joy Ryan

Principal’s Commets: Greeting and introduction by Principle Glenewinkel.

  • Principal Glenewinkel apologized for the late rainy day dismissal. The technical difficultieshave been corrected and future rainy day dismissals will be in a timely manner and moreprofessional.
  • Principal Glenewinkel is scheduling 15 minutes with every staff member to get to know them.During that time the staff has been able to address concerns or make requests. Mrs. Nguyen has requested help from parents in making the yearbook. She needs someone to compile and take pictures and a committee for soliciting pictures. Kinsey Friedrichs will be the contact person for this. Please let her know if you would like to help.
  • Playground and track: Principal Glenewinkel visited with Mr. Vela, the Director of Ancillary Services along with Mr. Ross, our CFO. She shared concerns with Mr. Ross about the track. We have support from them and hope to see some projects this summer for improvements and preparation for future growth. Mr. Vela is working on recommendations for shade beside trees and mentioned the option to consider something the kids could interact with since the playground is so small. The Principal is forming a playground committee to come up with a plan that includes future growth and will encompass an end result for the school. There is a possibility of adding a bigger playground near the track in the future. They will for sure add a gate and maybe a walkway that leads to the track so the kids can walk through the staff parking lot safely. Christina Sherstad will be the point person for the playground committee. The committee will meet after the holidays and provide us with feedback. You may contact Christina, Joy Ryan or Principle Glenewinkel about the track and playground future growth.
  • A parent expressed concern of people pulling into the parking lot through the exit during carline. Principal Glenewinkel is working on an improved plan for traffic that will not block the fire lane. There is a possibility of going to 1 lane for carline and extending loading to the fence, or following a double lane procedure similar to Creekside Forest Elementary or Canyon Pointe Elementary.
  • Please continue to give Principal Glenewinkel feedback on these issues.
  • Budget: Principal Glenewinkel wants to make sure parental donations are used for thegreatest impact.
    • One of the greatest impacts on our children are our teachers. She would like to use$10,000 of the money we already have to go towards professional development for the Professional Learning Communities conference in Dallas and San Antonio. The district is headed toward PLC at every level and a goal for our school is to become a PLC model school.• With PLC there is a shift in the school system from compliance to learning. It is a system of how we collaborate. The 4 guiding questions of PLC are:1. What do we expect our students to learn? (Goals/Expectations) 2. How will we know they are learning? (Assessment)
    3. How will we respond when they don’t learn? (Intervention)
    4. How will we respond if they already know it? (Gifted)• Due to the track costing less than expected there is $7,500 coming back that will go to field trips for the students.Minutes: Minutes read and approved

Officer’s Reports:

President: Joy Ryan

• Our focus is shifting to the Spring Fundraiser.

Vice President: Missy Meeker
• The monthly newsletter is expected to go out next week for December and January. • Deadline for the newsletter is Tuesday, December 12.

• Principal Glenewinkel requested feedback on the need to possibly shorten the newsletter since we have so many avenues of communication. The Principal will send out a survey in the Spring on how we would like to receive the information.

Treasurer: Ashley Babitt
• We are still waiting for $1600 from TCES from the night of the Monster Howl. This is not

• Sponsorships have exceeded our expected budget.

Committee Reports:

Spirit Night: Joy Ryan
• Whataburger Spirit Night date TBA
• Kendra Scott Spirit Night Friday, January 26, 2018. Time frame is usually 6-8 p.m. • Spring Creek Spirit Night Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spirit Wear: Stephanie Kerim
• More shirts have been sold and there are 25 left to sell. • Rodeo Run shirt contest information to come.

Donations and Sponsorships: Annette Fischer

  • Maximum Athletics was contacted late and did not get a banner as described on thePlatinum Sponsor package. Due to fundraiser being held at Timber Creek there were nobanners at the event for the CES sponsors.
  • Kumon is interested in sponsoring the Teacher Appreciation lunch. Principal Glenewinkel willwork on their request to have recognition on a flyer in the Wednesday folder.Membership/My School Anywhere: Cindy Kettler
    • 265 families have signed up for My School Anywhere and we still need more families to signup. We are not using the service to its full potential.Hospitality: Cierra Buchwald
    • We are working on the 12 days of Christmas for the staff.• Monday, December 11 is Wassail
    • Tuesday, December 19 is the Hot Cocoa Bar and Cookies • Thursday, December 21 is Sonic drinksRoom Mom Coordinator: Jenny Brown
    • An email was sent out for those that missed the Room Parent meeting.

Creekview Cares: Cindy Kettler

  • All of the angels for the Angel Tree have been picked up. Gifts are due back next Friday, December 15.
  • The school toy drive starts Monday, December 11, 2017. There will be tables in the hallway and pickup is with Interfaith.
  • Mrs. Robinett and Mrs. Friedrichs are helping with a project for each student to paint a rock to go into a river of rocks in front of the school. New students will be able to paint a rock as they join our school and add it to the river.
  • Food drive and Kickball game information to come in the Spring.Spring Fundraiser: Lynzie Rockett
  • Ten committees are being formed for the fundraiser which need Committee Heads. ContactLynzie Rockett to help with the following:
    1. Food Vendors (overseeing our 3 food vendors)
    2. Entertainment (inflatables, rock wall, petting zoo, pony rides, DJ)
    3. Games (grade level games provided and volunteers will be coordinated by roomparents)
    4. Wanted Flyers and Teacher Jail (committee head position filled)
    5. Tickets and Wristbands (commitee head position filled)
    6. Country Market (organize, purchase and oversee set up and clean up) (committee headposition filled)
    7. Decorations (decor, photo ops, food tables, balloon arch (used for Rodeo Run andSilent Auction)
    8. Volunteer Coordinator (co-committee head needed to work with Lori Ramsey) 9. Rodeo Run (committee head position filled)
  • Silent Auction is looking for people to help. Contact Christina Sherstad to help with the following:• Help soliciting donations
    • Help sending out tax receipt form letters
    • Raffle Committee
    • Teacher Experiences
    • Help mailing out paperwork
    • Auction book – publisher experience neededVolunteer Coordinator: N/A Communications: N/A Unfinished Business: N/A
    New Business: discussed above Questions: N/AAdjournment: Joy Ryan adjourned the meetingNext Meeting is: Friday, December 8, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. Meeting Adjourned: 11:01 a.m.
    Minutes compiled by: Emily Mize
    Minutes typed by: Emily Mize, PTO Secretary

January 2018 Meeting Minutes

Creekview Elementary PTO

January 2018 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 12, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

CES Cafeteria

Meeting called to order: Joy Ryan

Principal’s Comments:

· Principal Glenewinkel thanked everyone for making the Christmas celebrations fabulous and for parental support. She is asking for feedback about how the morning went and if it felt safe. She is looking at making changes as the school grows.

· Principal Glenewinkel is working on compiling emails so parents are not inundated with emails, and asks the PTO to do the same.

· Principal Glenewinkel is following up on requesting a stop sign at New Harmony and Creekside Forest and at Wentwoods. Request made through Commissioner Cagle and engineering department is to due a survey.

· Principal Glenewinkel is following up on need for adjustment on dismissal traffic problems. A team has been formed to work on a plan and it will be implemented after Spring Break. Principal Glenewinkel wants to hear our feedback on this.The walker biker area has kids, cars, buses and parents trying to cross and there are safety issues. She is also working on getting crossing guards.

Minutes: Minutes read and approved

Officer’s Reports:

President: Joy Ryan

· Parent task force meeting to follow to work on plan for the school grounds.

Vice President: Missy Meeker

· The newsletter covered through January 31 and will start February

Treasurer: Ashley Babitt

· A check was received from Timber Creek Elementary and we made almost $1700 from the Monster Howl.

· Spirit Nights have been successful. See attached budget sheet.

Commitee Reports:

Spirit Night: Joy Ryan

· Kendra Scott January 26 from 6-8 p.m. If you are unable to attend you can call your order in during the fundraising time.

· Spring Creek Barbecue February 20, 5-9 p.m.

Spirit Wear: Stephanie Kerim

· Rodeo Run design planning is in progress.

· Possibility of trial sales of Rodeo Run shirts on My School Anywhere

Donations and Sponsorships: N/A

Membership and My School Anywhere: Cindy Kettler

· There have been a few sign ups on My School Anywhere since the last meeting. We need to get the sign up information to our new students and encourage remaining families to sign up.

· Approximately 271 families signed up so far.

Room Mom Coordinator: Jenny Brown

· An email will be coming to the room mom about Valentine’s Day parties and silent auction. Party parameters will be set by Principal Glenewinkel.

Creekview Cares: Cindy Kettler

· Pennies for patients will be in March and we will need help with the coins.

· Cindy will meet with Principal Glenewinkel about the kickball game.

Spring Fundraiser: Wendy Kovich

· Spring Fundraiser is getting volunteers to help but still needs Commitee Heads for the following:

1. Food – making sure vendors get paid

2. Entertainment

3. Games – games have already been made, some games may need repairs.

4. Volunteers – Need a Co-Commitee Head to work with Lori Ramsey

5. Decorations

Hospitality: Cierra Buchwald

· January – soup bar for the teachers and staff

· February – potato bar for the teachers and staff

· Teacher Appreciation – Cierra is trying to get a Lupe Tortilla donation

Volunteer Coordinator: Joy Ryan

· Lori Ramsey is trying to get volunteer help for Mrs. Friedrichs

Communications: Joy Ryan

· A link needs to be added to the website for My School Anywhere

Unfinished Business: N/A

New Business: Principal Glenewinkel

· The Principal stated that in January she likes to think ahead for the next school year and choose a theme for the entire year. Next years theme will be baseball.

· How the theme works is you may see flyers with a baseball watermark or hear baseball callbacks. The purpose is to tie the school together in a fun way.

Questions: N/A

Adjournment: Joy Ryan adjourned the meeting

Next meeting is: Friday, February 9, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Adjourned: 10:23 a.m.

Minutes compiled by: Emily Mize

Minutes typed by: Emily Mize, PTO Secretary

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